• Devin Abell

EC: Breaking down the Sunday Night Football half time show

Photo courtesy of @SNFonNBC Facebook page

I watched the Sunday Night Football half time show during the Colts vs Chiefs game on Sunday.

In the studio, there was former head coach Tony Dungy, former player Rodney Harrison, and analyst Mike Tirico all at a desk, while Mike Florio was away at a reporters desk off to the side somewhere else in the studio.

The talent at the main desk interacted with each other having a breakdown and discussion of the game while also looking back at the major headlines from the day.

They then threw it over to Florio who had a more in depth report on a topic from the day.

The talent in the studio didn't interact with the commentators or reporters from the game. They were complete separate from the talent at the stadium.

The sponsored segments included the Toyota halftime show, which was the name of the show and they had an extend commercial and a tagline for the brand. They also had their emblem everywhere in the studio. They also had a chevy sponsorship that showed the emblem and had a short commercial at break.

They're impactful because of the constant imagery of the car maker and how it's now tied to football. It can possibly impact the viewers decision when buying a new car.

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