• Devin Abell

Fantasy Football Team for SPM 101

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Our team name is the Robertson Redhawks.

Our roster includes:

QBs: Aaron Rodgers and Matthew Stafford

RBs: Le'veon Bell and Sony Michel

WRs: Brandon Cooks and T.Y Hilton

TEs: Zach Ertz and Noah Fant

Personally I think the best player on our roster is Le'veon Bell. I think people forget how productive he has been in the past because of his year long holdout. I think he'll produce 17+ touchdowns by the end of the season.

My team partner John believes T.Y Hilton is an important player on our team.

"Hilton's value had a considerable drop after Luck announced his retirement," says John. "He's still is a WR1 even with Jacoby Brissett at quarterback. He's had prior experience with Brissett and I think he'll be his number one target in the red zone."

One player I wished we had a quality replacement is Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers has had a history of injuries over the last decade that has ether hinder his play or complete remove him from the field. It would be a nice comfort to have a backup for him that is a capable starter.

Our fantasy team we drafted.

Looking at the Chicago Bears website, It was scarce to find any trace of fantasy football, From news to projection to highlights- it was quite barren. The teams website seems more geared to daily football operations.

However, I was able to find an article that talked about who would be the top players that would be drafted in fantasy that year (article was from 2018).

Looking at the ESPN website, it was a complete 180.

On the home page their is a tab for all fantasy sports. The tab opens up many sub menus that include news, stats, articles, videos, projections, premium content, etc...

I was able to see there are specific people who do fantasy sports analyst for a living (i.e Matthew Barry, Field Yates, Michael Fabiano). They all produce content daily that pertains to fantasy news and updates.

From analyst to statisticians their are just numerous positions in the fantasy sports world. It really adds to the job availability in the sports industry.

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