• Devin Abell

Future Sports Media Job

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Official logo of the XFL

While browsing teamworkonline, I came across a job that interested me.

The job title is Social Media Editor (Player Content) and it is for the newly formed XFL league, that will be premiering in at the start of 2020.

The jobs tasks includes creating social media content for multiple platforms. The content will be for the official XFL accounts as well as individual team accounts.

This job interests me because I enjoy writing articles and creating content involving football. This also interests me because will the XFL rebooting it provides a whole new league and platform for football. Which means that I would be establishing myself in something brand new that could be defining for my career based on the results of the league and the work I put out.

Although I wish I could apply right this second, I'm still years and experience away from even being considered an applicant for this job.

Currently, I lack three years of prior experience in social media editing and channel management. This is the biggest obstacle standing in my way.

I may have the ability to manage a part of the Butler collegian website or social media in the future, but I could at the MOST get two years experience. Therefore, I will need to obtain another job out of school in order to be able to be consider for this job.

Other than that, the only thing I would need to improve personally would be impeccable grammar and diction. I tend to misspell and over look typos quite a lot. As well as use a wrong verb or adjective here and there.

I can improve on this by learning to slow down and take my time with my work. While doing this, I can slowly increase my speed in my ability to proof read and get to a professional rate that is required for this job.

I hope in the future this league and job still exits for this organization, because I would be thrilled to have this opportunity to do something that I both love and are interested in.

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