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Paul Loomis Skype Call and the significance of the "Running of the Bulls"

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Recently in my SPM 101 class I had the opportunity to speak with the Minnesota Wild Executive Producer of Video Content Paul Loomis. His job is producing content for games, social media, and any other video content needed with the team.

I was intrigued to learn that he only has a couple hours with players for ONE day out of the whole year to make most of the video content (besides minor projects throughout the season).

What's really mind blowing is that Loomis and his team spend weeks/months making preparations for this specific day. From deciding what to shoot, who will be filmed, and the order of the shoots- I can see how important it is to have game plan going into this day.

The most important thing I took away from Loomis talk was that it is necessary to experiment with what you like and don't like.

Loomis didn't start in video/film production and it took him a few years out of high school to realize that it was his calling.

Right now I'm currently looking to be a writer/reporter once I graduate, but I know that I need to keep my mind open and experiment with all that the sports industry has to offer.

Moving on to an in-arena video that interests me, I choose the "Running of the Bulls" by the Chicago Bulls. It is my favorite intro of any team throughout all of sports.

The "Running of the Bulls" is a staple for home games at the United Center and enhances the fans experience. It is special because it captures the beauty of Chicago. During the video the Bulls will run all throughout Chicago showing off its iconic landmarks.

It presents the idea that team is more than just a sporting franchise- it's apart of the city's culture.

The videos demonstrate the power of a bull and its ferocious nature. A bull will rush through anything in its path relentlessly.

It fits in with the "Windy City" culture in Chicago since its known for being a tough, broad shoulder kind of city.

It has continually updated throughout the years since premiering in the late 90s during the end of the Jordan era in Chicago. Getting a rendition in the 2000s and the mid 2010s.

My personal favorite one is the one during 2008. It's probably because I thought it was hilarious as a kid to watch the bulls run through the opposing team bus. It also brings back fond memories of the Derrick Rose era in Chicago.

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