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Takeaways from David Brickley's "Business of Social" podcast and Skype talk

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Photo courtesy of "The Business of Social" podcast.

Recently I was given the task of listening to "The Business of Social" podcast by David Brickely, owner of STN Digital. According to the companies business statement STN Digital, "is digital marketing firm that focuses on digital monetization and original content."

I listened to the podcast titled "Building awareness for your brand with James Royer" that was uploaded on July 15.

In the episode, Brickley and Royer discussed tools for advertising your brand and how to market your self/product best.

They touch on selling yourself with sales pitches- specifically what to do and what not to do.

Royer was saying that you need to know your audience and where they are/interested in. Place strategic advertisements with direct links to yourself/products to make it more accessible for the consumer.

You also want to make your advertisement stand out to the consumer, not just blend in with the rest.

Royer also touched on how your reputation can help you get connections and help your product/self. The quality of work your service you provide can determine if people recommend you in the business. Sometimes people who don't even know what you look like will recommend you to other clients because of the quality of work you've done!

One huge point was advertising yourself online- facebook, instagram, twitter, etc... and continuously promoting and updating your online presence. This keeps engagement up on your brand.

One thing they talked about NOT doing was cold sales pitch. As in emailing someone a long boring email about yourself or product. Chances are, no one cares to read all about you or your product.

It was an interesting and insightful podcast that has given a few pointers on how to build my brand in the future.

In terms of Skype call with Brickley, one HUGE takeaway I got from him was to take every opportunity to build your resume and skills. No job is not "worth your time".

Because as he said, you'll never know who/what you might do that will give you your big break. You may think lil' ole' Kate from a local Single-A baseball team won't help you at all, but it turns out she'll get you a job at MLB Network.

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