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Team Irvington Fantasy Football Season Recap

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

After the conclusion of a 12 week fantasy season, Team Irvington finished the season in ninth place with 282 points in the Sports Media 101 fantasy football league.

Although the team didn't perform up to team owner Kobe Mosley's exceptions, it did have bright have a bright spot at the quarterback position.

"Our QB's really carried our team," said Mosley. "They performed consistently throughout the season and were the bulk of our points."

Quarterbacks Jimmy Garoppolo (left) and Tom Brady (right). © Provided by Perform Media Channels Limited

Team Irvington's quarterbacks included one of the greatest of all-time in Tom Brady, and the one who was perceived to be his eventual successor in Jimmy Garoppolo.

Throughout the season they combined for 39 total touchdowns, four of which were rushing scores. Accounting for 164 points for the team, which is just under 60% of the teams total points.

Running back Chris Carson. Scott Eklund / Associated Press

A surprise star on the team was Seattle running back Chris Carson, who was risky pick since he was deemed in a time share battle with teammate Rashad Penny.

Carson has been able to best his teammate for playtime which has resulted in him earning six total touchdowns. Giving him 36 points for Team Irvington.

Tight end Mike Gesicki (top). John McCall / Sun Sentinel file

During the quarter-season move, Team Irvington decided to drop Dolphins tight end Mike Gesicki per his poor performance at the start of season.

Gesicki was unable to yield in any scores throughout the first four games and the trend looked like it was going to continue.

Tight end Chris Herndon. Gregory Fisher/Icon Sportswire

The team then picked up New York Jets tight end Chris Herndon, who was originally suspended the first four games of the season. He was then plagued with injuries that prevented him from taking the field after his suspensions was up.

Herndon was eventually able to play week 10, but unable to hull in a touchdown. This would be Herndon's only appearance this season as he put on IR before the following the game with a rib injury.

"It was a terrible move," said Mosley. "We should of just stuck with Gesicki. At least he gives a chance with him actually playing."

Going beyond Team Irvington and looking at the SPM 101 league, it was an old school fantasy league. Meaning that the only ways to get points are through touchdowns- and only touchdowns.

This can affect those who participate in the league that are accustomed to modern fantasy leagues, because it changes they way the approach the draft and how you rank players and their value.

For example in a modern PPR league, top end wide receivers and pass-catching running backs are king and who you want to target in the early rounds. For they add the value with a point-per-reception, boosting their total scoring output.

This differs from an old school league, because you want to target those who have the highest chances of scoring touchdowns on a per game basis. This boosts the value of quarterbacks and goal line running backs that will more often than not, find themselves in the end-zone.

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