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Twitter live tweet assignment recap

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Photo courtesy of NFL

I choose to live tweet the Titians vs Jaguars game on Thursday, September 19 at 8PM. I choose this because it was a prime time game and would be free of any distractions from other NFL games or other games from different leagues.

My strategy going into to the game was to cover the end of each quarter and major plays such as: scoring, turnovers, injuries, etc... I also wanted to interject any interesting commentary to add to the storyline of the game.

I stuck by what I wanted to do. I didn't encounter anything that threw me off or made me have a change of heart. I live tweet the Butler football games for school paper so it felt pretty similar to me.

This tweet by far was my weakest tweet. It's so bland and didn't offer any additional information such duration, current weather, or any visual to offer the audience.

I did however make up for my mistake when I tweeted about the new storm front and provided an image to my audience. I wish I would have still given a timetable for how long the storm was going to last.

This tweet is my best tweet and it's a GOLD MINE. I think it's hilarious and I'm sure the audience does as well.

It adds to storyline of the game as well. This game was Gardner Minshew's first official start at home and his dad was in the stands at the game. The camera crew showed him multiple times throughout the game and the commentary crew addressed him as well throughout the game.

Since he was mentioned so much in the broadcast, it's important for those who aren't watching the game but are looking at updates on social media to know that he is apart of the games storyline.

I learned from live tweeting that you need to prompt and percise. You need actively produce updates as quick as possible for your audience while being correct with your information.

I'm glad this assignment was given to me because it's something I would love to do as a job in the future.

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